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Train Your Brain: Memorizing the Highest Paid Celebrities of 2017

Memorizing the Highest Paid Celebrities of 2017

The list of the highest paid celebrities for 2017 has just been released and they certainly raked in a ton of  money!  A fun mental exercise to boost your brain power is to memorize the top 10 celebrities on the list in a way where you can recite them from top to bottom or bottom to top.

You can refer to the original article on this topic for a list of the top 10 Corporations.

The Top 10

As a reminder, here are the links to every number to which you will associate with the people on the list.

They are:

1. sun
2. shoe
3. tree
4. door
5. hive
6. sticks
7. heaven
8. gate
9. wine
10. pen

Now, we'll take a look at  the Top 10  Celebrities list (as of June 2017).

They are:

Now, let's link the celebrity with the memory aid for each number.

1. Sean 'Diddy' Combs/sun - Imagine Sean Combs enjoying the sun

2. Beyonce/shoe - Imagine Beyonce with a distinctive pair of shoes

3. J.K. Rowling/tree - Imagine J.K. Rowling in a treehouse

4. Drake/door - Imagine Drake and those flying-wing car doors

5. Cristiano Ronaldo/hive - Imagine Cristiano Ronaldo with a bee on his face (actually a moth from the Euro Cup Final but let's say a bee)

6. The Weeknd/stick - Imagine The Weekend using a chopSTICK

7. Howard Stern/heaven - Imagine Howard Stern entering HEAVEN

8. Coldplay/gate - Imagine Coldplay in front of the Golden GATE Bridge

9. James Patterson/wine - Imagine reading a James Patterson book with a glass of wine (hey there, George Clooney!)

10. Lebron James/pen - Imagine Lebron James using a PEN to sign one of many autographs

After you create these images, you'll find it very easy to recite the list from the top or bottom and to instantly recall any number. Quick, what's number 6?  Stick - The Weeknd

With the links, you can substitute other words for the numbers, such as one-gun or eight-gate but any word will do.  Have fun with the exercise and use it for any top 10 list that you can find useful!

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