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Memorizing The Forbes Top 10 Most Powerful People

Memorizing the World's Top 10 Most Powerful People, According To Forbes

It's very useful to know who the world's most powerful people are and it's very useful to constantly exercise your mind, as the brain is also a muscle.  You can combine the two by memorizing the world's top 10 powerful people.  With this fun method, you'll know the list forward and backward and also be able to name any person's position.  Yes, it's fun!
The Top 10

First, here are the links to the numbers.  They rhyme for easier recall and a couple follow the childhood song "One, two, buckle my shoe..."

They are:

1. sun
2. shoe
3. tree
4. door
5. hive
6. sticks
7. heaven
8. skate
9. wine
10. pen

Now, we'll take a look at  the World's Top 10 Most Powerful People, according to Forbes Magazine.

They are:

1. Vladimir Putin, Russian President

2. Angela Merkel, German Chancellor
3. Barack Obama, United States President
4. Pope Francis
5. Xi Jinping, President of China
6. Bill Gates, Microsoft Chairman
7. Janet Yellen, Federal Reserve Chair
8. David Cameron, British Prime Minister
9. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India
10. Larry Page, Google Co-Founder

Now, let's link the country with the memory aid for each number.

1. Vladimir Putin/sun - Imagine Vladimir Putin enjoying the SUN at the beach

2. Angela Merkel/shoe - Imagine Angela Merkel holding a pair of shoes

3. Barack Obama/tree - Imagine Barack Obama planting a TREE

4. Pope Francis/door - Imagine Pope Francis by a huge DOOR

5. Xi Jinping/hive - Imagine Xi Jinping holding up a picture of a Bee HIVE 

6. Bill Gates/stick - Imagine Bill Gates taking a picture with a selfie STICK

7. Janet Yellen/heaven - Imagine Fed Chair Janet Yellen in HEAVEN

8. David Cameron/skate - Imagine David Cameron on skates

9. Narendra Modi/wine - Imagine Norendra Modi with a glass of WINE

10. Larry Page/pen - Imagine Larry Page signing an autograph with a Google PEN

After you create these images, you'll find it very easy to recite the list from the top or bottom and to instantly recall any number. Quick, what's number 3?  Tree - Barack Obama

With the links, you can substitute other words for the numbers, such as one-gun or eight-gate but any word will do.  Have fun with the exercise and use it for any top 10 list that you can find useful!

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