Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Some Personal Weight Loss Tips

After dropping from 223 pounds to 207, it's been almost too much of a good thing! I can still do the same weights while I'm in training so the weight loss has not really involved muscle. It was more about the excess poundage lost, especially around the belly!

I've noticed some helpful things which assist in keeping the weight off.  It may not work for everyone but it's definitely not difficult and becomes easier with practice and habit.

1)  Associate Junk Food with Alcohol

That is, moderation.  Alcoholism is a disease but being a junkaholic also carries health risks.  If you drink a lot at home, that is a serious issue.  If you eat a lot of junk food at home, that is also a pretty serious health issue.  If you are only a social drinker, then treat eating the same way.

2) Whiten Your Teeth!

How does this work?  There are mouthwashes which promote teeth whitening and which you use inthe morning and in the evening.  So, brush your teeth and use the mouthwash after dinner. They often recommend not to eat after rinsing so this will help discourage late night snacking.

3) Drink a Glass of Water

If you have a non-hunger craving for junk food, drink a glass or two of water.  Your body should then associate these cravings with water.  It will also give you a replacement for the craving.

4) That Old Adage is True

Eat breakfast like a king, eat lunch like a prince, eat dinner like a pauper.  You will burn off breakfast during the day with your activities (and lunch as well).  If you eat a heavy dinner, your body won't have a chance to burn it off as you will sleeping instead of being physically active.   Plus, the digestion processs overnight will keep from you having a good night's sleep, especially if you eat a lot of meat before bed.

5) Avoid or Use Moderation with 'White Foods'

These are mainly processed foods which should be avoided or eaten in moderation.

They include:

a) White bread and white flour

b) Sugar

c) Pasta

d) Dairy (in excess)

e) Processed white rice

Yes, it's hard to avoid those dinner rolls or toasted white bread, as well as those bowls of spaghetti or Fettuccine Alfredo.  However, these 'white' foods are often overly processed and stripped of all their nutrients.  They taste wonderful, yes, but they'll fatten you up without any nutritional gain.  It is better at least to eat brown rice and whole wheat bread (skip the butter!).

There have been thousands of books and tips written about dieting and weight loss.  Often, it's just a mindset that can be overcome with some practice.  The results, however, are well worth it!

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