Friday, 10 July 2015

The World's Top 10 Economies: How To *Easily* Memorize Them

Memorizing the World's Top 10 Economies

It's very useful to know what the world's largest economies are and it's very useful to constantly exercise your mind, as the brain is also a muscle.  You can combine the two by memorizing the world's top 10 economies.  With this fun method, you'll know the list forward and backward and also be able to name any country's position.  Yes, it's fun!
The Top 10

First, here are the links to the numbers.  They rhyme for easier recall and a couple follow the childhood song "One, two, buckle my shoe..."

They are:

1. sun
2. shoe
3. tree
4. door
5. hive
6. sticks
7. heaven
8. skate
9. wine
10. pen

Now, we'll take a look at  the World's Top 10 economies by GDP (in $Billions).

They are:

1. United States (18.1)

2. China (11.2)
3. Japan (4.2)
4. Germany (3.4)
5. United Kingdom (2.9)
6. France (2.5)
7. India (2.3)
8. Brazil (1.9)
9. Italy (1.8)
10. Canada  (1.6)

Now, let's link the country with the memory aid for each number.

1. United States/sun - Imagine the American flag in the SUN

2. China/shoe - Imagine SHOES made in China, worn by Yao Ming

3. Japan/tree - Imagine a Japanese Bonsai TREE

4. Germany/door - Imagine a German DOOR sign or a German Shepherd at a DOOR (beware of dog!)

5. United Kingdom/hive - Imagine Queen Elizabeth looking at a bee HIVE (perhaps searching for her fellow Queen)

6. France/stick - Imagine the Eiffel Tower made of STICKS

7. India/heaven - Imagine the Taj Mahal in HEAVEN

8. Brazil/skate - Imagine Brazilian supermodel Gisele B√ľndchen SKATING with her daughter

9. Italy/wine - Imagine a bottle of Italian WINE

10. Canada/pen - Imagine Canadian hockey great Wayne Gretzky signing his one millionth autograph with a PEN

After you create these images, you'll find it very easy to recite the list from the top or bottom and to instantly recall any number. Quick, what's number 5?  Hive - United Kingdom

With the links, you can substitute other words for the numbers, such as one-gun or eight-gate but any word will do.  Have fun with the exercise and use it for any top 10 list that you can find useful!

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